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(Dec 10, 2007)
can't be on tonight guys, sorry, stanford app due at midnight
(Dec 07, 2007)
But I don't wanna be in a box....
(Dec 05, 2007)
I need a box to put my Calk in :(
(Dec 03, 2007)
Put r Calk in a box
(Dec 03, 2007)
Hai guys miss u all <3 see u on Wed.
(Nov 30, 2007)
hey veni, glad to see you're alive and kicking, now get back to WoW!
(Nov 30, 2007)
all your women are belong to me. Or just dub and Luna, the rest of dem bitches is craaaazy.
(Nov 27, 2007) goin to see how things are goin to go for a few days then ill tansfer servers but i wanted to say hi to everyone =)
(Nov 27, 2007)
well that would certainly make healing a lot easier..
(Nov 27, 2007)
80 unbuffed is the target number for him
(Nov 27, 2007)
So um apparently most guilds dont do Malacrass without SR making us fucking badd ass that we have downed him without any
(Nov 27, 2007)
amg wtb live server
(Nov 27, 2007)
Hai Guys!
(Nov 22, 2007)
WOLF!1!!! Anybody that wants an instance run, I'm usually more than happy to help, just lemme know and if I'm not busy "ll run yous. Gnomer is for guildies only)
(Nov 21, 2007)
Thanks for letting me in the guild guys, I'll do my best to help out and heal :D
(Nov 19, 2007)
I will not be back on until next sunday. Holidays and I will be busy.
(Nov 18, 2007)
only problem lvling is getting someone to help you run an instance most wont unless theres something in it for them
(Nov 18, 2007) <--- For anyone Working on alts. I uploaded a copy of Brian Kopp's. Use the Readme if you have any trouble.
(Nov 16, 2007)
Daily heroic is Shadow Labs ftl
(Nov 16, 2007)
u cheapskate ailo. u payed more then that for evils mom.